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Please refer to the full Program For Clarity 2018 to know the list of conferences and speakers. The program may be modified due to the high number of speakers expected for this event.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) 

  • Barreau du Québec 

Training activities recognized by the Barreau du Québec for compulsory professional development purposes. 

  • Law Society of British Columbia 

Training activities recognized by the Law Society of British Columbia for compulsory professional development purposes. 

  • Law Society of New Brunswick 

Training activities recognized by the Law Society of British Columbia for compulsory professional development purposes.

  • Law Society of Saskatchewan  

Training activities recognized by the Law Society of Saskatchewan for compulsory professional development purposes.

  • Other Bar Associations 

We are attempting to obtain compulsory professional development credits from other bar associations. Please note that you can contact your bar association about having Clarity training hours recognized.

  • Chambre des notaires 

Training activities recognized by the Chambre des notaires for compulsory professional development purposes.

Congress venue

The event will take place from the 25 to the 27 of October 2018 at Hyatt Regency Montreal (1255 rue Jeanne-Mance, Montréal (Québec), Canada, H5B 1E5).

Time Activity
12:30 PM

Welcome and Registration (Level 4)

1:00 PM

Pre-Conference (Level 5)

Room 1 : International Francophone Network of Experts in Plain Legal Language (in French only)
Room 2 : Round Table: Needs and Challenges in Legal Literacy and Plain Language  (Judith Rouan)
2:50 PM

Break (Level 5 )

3:00 PM

Pre-Conference (5th Floor)

Room 1 : Introduction to Plain Language in Law (French) - In collaboration with The Young Bar of Montreal (YBM) - ( 2018)
5:00 PM

Cocktail and Opening Speeches will begin as of 5 p.m (Length : 2 hours) (Level 4)

Interview with the Right Honourable Richard Wagner, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and the guest of honour of Clarity 2018, by Mr. Georges Pothier, journalist for Groupe TVA Inc; Address by Ms. Cathy Wong, speaker of Montreal City Council, the Honourable François Rolland, chairperson of the board of Éducaloi, and Mr. Eamonn Moran, Q.C., president of Clarity International.

Time Activity
7:30 AM

Welcome and Registration (Level 4)

8:30 AM

Welcome Speech (Level 4)

Nathalie G. Drouin (Deputy Minister of Justice and Deputy Attorney General of Canada) and France Lynch (Deputy Minister of Justice and Deputy Attorney General of Québec).

9:00 AM

Plenary Session (Simultaneous Interpretation) : "Understanding and Design" (Level 4)

Moderator : Mr. Saul Carliner (Professor, Concordia University). Panelists : Mr. Eric Kavanagh (Professor and Director, Master’s Program in Interaction Design, Université Laval), Ms. Susan Kleimann (President, Kleimann Communication Group).

10:00 AM

Coffee break (Levels 4 and 5)

10:15 AM

1st Series of Sessions (Level 5)

Session 1
Workshop 1 A : Lynda Harris - Millennial-Law — a Values-Based Approach.
Workshop 1 B : Cheryl Stephens - The New Reasonable Person: the Modern Standard for Public Communication.
Session 2
Workshop 2 A : Kristina Brousalis and Julie Mathews - Building Better Bridges : Empowering Community Workers With Clear Language Legal Information.
Session 3
Workshop 3 A : Benjamin Miller et Carina Vincent - Supporting Non-Profits in Developing Bylaws They Can Understand.
Workshop 3 B : Alexander Geddes - How to Change Laws without Changing the Law: Plain Language Revisions & Statutory Interpretation.
Session 4
Workshop 4 A : Marie Rinfret - Accroître l'accès au Protecteur du citoyen.
Workshop 4 B : Catherine Piché - User des technologies et des médias sociaux pour mieux communiquer avec les membre et mieux indemniser dans l'action collective.
Session 5 (Simultaneous Interpretation)
Moderator : Michèle Moreau. Panelists : Iva Cheung, Mélissa Goupil-Landry, Christine Morin - Round Table: Communicating With a Vulnerable Clientele.
Session J1 (Simultaneous Interpretation) : Judges' Day Workshops (Reserved for judges) (Level 4)
Pierre Noreau (15 min.) - Readable Judgments : Legal Conditions of Democracy ?
11:15 AM


11:30 AM

2nd Series of Sessions (Level 5)

Session 6
Workshop 6 A : Gabriella Sandstrom et Ingrid Olsson - Scandinavian Plain Language Research: an Overview.
Workshop 6 B : Christopher Trudeau - The Public Speaks, Again: an International Study of Legal Communication.
Session 7
Workshop 7 A : John Simpson - Digital Disruption in A2J: Embracing the New Order.
Workshop 7 B : Drew Jackson - Promoting Best Practices in Public Legal Education : A Leadership Experiment.
Session 8
Workshop 8 A : Mariana Bozetti et Joanna Richardson - Plain Language Networks in Governments: Argentina and Chile.
Workshop 8 B : Aino Piehl - Plain Finnish in the European Union: Mission Possible?
Session 9
Workshop 9 A : Judith Rouan - Des limites de l'information, les possibles de l'éducation juridique.
Workshop 9 B : Christiane Saad - L’éducation des juristes pourl’information et l’éducation citoyenne.
Session 10 (Simultaneous Interpretation)
Workshop 10 A : Pascal Paradis - The Importance of Plain Language in International Judicial Cooperation: the Experience of Lawyers Without Borders Canada.
Workshop 10 B : Francis Barragan - Title Coming Soon.
Session J2 (Simultaneous Interpretation) : Judges' Day Workshops (Reserved for judges) (Level 4)
Judges panel : Moderator : Hon. François Rolland. Panelists : Jacques Boulanger, Hon. Suzanne Côté, Hon. Jean-François Émond, Hon. Marie-Josée Hogue, et Hon. Henri Richard - Courts and Administrative Tribunals: Plain Language Initiatives and Challenges (2h).
12:30 PM

Lunch (Tables service) : Something Completely Different : "Myths and Symbols of the Legal World" - Francesca Trop (Level 4)

2:00 PM

Plenary Session (Simultaneous Interpretation) : "The User Experience in Cities: Reaching Citizens with Plain Language" (Level 4)

Moderator : Mr. Yves Boisvert (Columnist for La Presse newspaper). Panelists : Me Patrice Guay (Director of legal affairs and chief counsel, city of Montreal), Me Nathalie Roy (Project Manager, Training and Skills Development, Lavery Lawyers), Heather De Berdt Romilly (Executive Director of The Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia), Sue Montgomery (Mayor, Borough of Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce).

3:00 PM

Coffee break (Levels 4 and 5)

3:15 PM

3rd Series of Sessions (Level 5)

Session 11
Workshop 11 A : Christine Smith - Transparent Government: Plain Language and the New Zealand Labour Party’s Modern Approach to Communication.
Workshop 11 B : Ben Piper - Are there limits to what you can do with plain language?
Session 12
Workshop12 A : Joh Kirby - Common Mistakes in Community Legal Education and How to Fix Them.
Workshop 12 B : Josiane Loiselle-Boudreau - IN-JUSTICE: the Experience of Indigenous Women in Quebec.
Session 13
Workshop13 A : Valentin Callipel - L’intelligence artificielle au service de la Justice.
Workshop 13 B : Laurent Noel - Améliorer l'expérience usager actuelle et future aux contacts des services publics quel que soit le canal de communication - étude de cas.
Session 14
Workshop 14 A : Rana El-Khoury - Accès à la justice: être rapide ou compréhensible ?
Workshop 14 B : Nadine Mailloux et Johanne Savard - Parler pour être compris: les 10 commandements de l’Ombudsman.
Session 15 (Simultaneous Interpretation)
Workshop 15 A : Hélène De Kovachich - Université de Montréal’s Mediation Clinic: Contributing to Access to Justice by Making Mediation Accessible to All.
Workshop 15 B : Audrey Villeneuve - Plain Language Between Lawyers and Citizens: Listening, Informing, Preparing and Referring by Adopting a Holistic Needs-Based Approach – the Experience of Quebec City’s Community Justice Centre.
Session J3 (Simultaneous Interpretation) : Judges' Day Workshops (Open to all) (Level 4)
Mélanie Samson - Legislative Language and Everyday Language.
Christian Denoyelle - Belgium’s High Council of Justice’s FLAVOUR Project: the Judiciary is Focusing on Clear Language.
4:15 PM


4:30 PM

Presentation (Simultaneous Interpretation) : Claims for Legalese and False Criticisms of Plain Language: A 30-Year Collection - Mr. Joseph Kimble (Professor Emeritus, WMU–Cooley Law School) (Level 4)

5:30 PM

Free Evening

Friday Night on the town : Enjoy your free evening and explore the city. Take a peak at all that Montréal has to offer. Here is the link to the Tourisme Montréal website, which will help you plan your Friday evening :

5:30 PM

AGM Clarity (Level 5)

7:30 PM

International Plain Language Federation Meeting (Level 5)

Time Activity
7:30 AM

Registration (Level 4)

7:30 AM

AGM PLAIN (Level 5)

8:30 AM

Welcome Speech (Level 4)

François Bibeau (President of the Chambre des notaires du Québec) et Paul-Matthieu Grondin (Bâtonnier du Québec (President of the Québec Bar))

9:00 AM

Plenary Session (Simultaneous Interpretation) : "The Case for Financial Literacy" (Level 4)

Moderator: Ms. Stéphanie Grammond (Columnist at La Presse newspaper). Panelists : Mr. Camille Beaudoin (Director Financial Education Programs, Autorité des marchés financiers Québec), Ms. Patricia Callon (Senior Vice-President and General Counsel, Sun Life Financial), Ms. Jane Rooney (Canada’s Financial Literacy Leader, Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC)), Timia Di Pietro (Senior Director, Legal Affairs, National Bank of Canada).

10:00 AM

Coffee break (Levels 4 and 5)

10:15 AM

4th Series of Sessions (Levels 4 and 5)

Session 16 (Simultaneous Interpretation)
Workshop 16 A : Marc-André Dowd and Stéphanie Roy - It pays to speak plainly!
Workshop 16 B : Florence Cols - When Plain Language Helps Transform an Administration.
Session 17
Workshop 17 A : Gilles De Saint-Exupéry - Legal Tech vs Legal Jargon.
Workshop 17 B : Audrey Jun - Technology Isn’t Enough: TIE-ing it Together.
Session 18
Workshop 18 A : Tialda Sikkema - Who benefits from plain language, the literate or the illiterate ? Avoiding the Matthew Effect in Plain Communication.
Workshop 18 B : Maria Mindlin - Broaden Your Audience : Tools to Reach Users Needing Disability Access, Your Low-literacy Clients, and LEPs.
Session 19
Workshop 19 A : Susan Kleimann and David Lipscomb - Making the Rubber Meet the Road: How the Center for Plain Language Created Accountability for the Plain Writing Act of 2010.
Workshop 19 B : Michelle Boulton - Clear Communication by Design : a Guide to Effective Documents.
Session 20 (Simultaneous Interpretation)
Workshop 20 A : Sylvie Grégoire - To be, or not to be…clear? Update your contract drafting style.
Workshop 20 B : Manon Ferrand - Plain Legal Language As a Tool to Help Notaries Optimally Perform Their Advisory Duties.
11:15 AM


11:30 AM

5th Series of Sessions (Levels 4 and 5)

Session 21 (Simultaneous Interpretation)
Workshop 21 A : Réa Hawi et Julien Pelletier-David - Citizens at the Heart of the Legal System: Observations on Citizens’ Legal Autonomy and the Role of the Lawyer.
Workshop 21 B : Pierre Issalys and Pierre Noreau - Understanding and Consenting: a Matter of Form and Meaning.
Session 22
Workshop 22 A : Jennifer Khurana and Christine O'Doherty - Rédiger ses décisions en langage clair et simple : des résultats probants au Tribunal de la Sécurité sociale du Canada.
Workshop 22 B : Vincent Forray - Lexcursion - De la nécessité d'un parcours d'éducation juridique et citoyenne en droit civil.
Session 23
Workshop 23 A : Heather De Berdt Romilly - Empowering the Public Through Innovative Self-Guided Legal Information Tools, Supports and Training.
Workshop 23 B : Julien S. Matte - Unbundling Access to Justice : the missing Link.
Session 24
Clément Camion, Ingrid Olsson and Joanna Richardson - Gender Neutral Language Around the World: Overview and Discussion.
Session 25 (Simultaneous Interpretation)
Workshop 25 A : Jean Baril - Why must the population learn about environmental law?
Workshop 25 B : Michelle Cumyn - Plain Language and Understanding Legal Concepts.
12:30 PM

Something Completely Different : "Counterbalance" - Julie Lassonde (Level 4)

1:30 PM

Plenary Session (Simultaneous Interpretation) : "Plain Language Standards and Policies: Indispensable?" (Level 4)

Moderator: Mr. Christopher Balmford (Owner of Words and Beyond Pty Ltd). Panelists: Ms. Annetta Cheek (Chair of the International Plain Language Federation), Ms. Susan Kleimann (President, Kleimann Communication Group), Ms. Rosa Margarita Galán Vélez (Professor, ITAM Faculty).

2:30 PM

Coffee break (Levels 4 and 5)

2:45 PM

6th Series of Sessions (Levels 4 and 5)

Session 26 (Simultaneous Interpretation)
Workshop 26 A : Julie Dumontier et Élizabeth Sigouin - A Simplified Charter of Rights and Freedoms: a Tool to Help People.
Workshop 26 B : Jean-François Routhier - Communicating to Attract Support for, and Compliance With, a Law on a Little-Known Activity.
Session 27
Workshop 27 A : Katrin Hallik and Katre Kasemets - Enthusiasm-based Clear Language Coordination Work in Estonia.
Workshop 27 B : Mathew Philion - Pre-Law Pragmatics: Introducing Plain Language Principles in College-Level Composition Courses.
Session 28
Session de travail initial du réseau francophone
Session 29
Workshop 29 A : Yves Faguy - Smarter Strorytelling for Legal Professionals.
Workshop 29 B : Tara Hristov and Marina Pavlovic - Plain Language in Consumer Contracts: a Case Study of Wireless Service Provider Contracts.
Session 30 (Simultaneous Interpretation)
Workshop 30 A : Alexandre Désy and Antoine Garcia Suarez - Design Thinking in the Legal World: a User-Focused Approach.
3:45 PM


4:00 PM

Closing Address (Simultaneous Interpretation) : "What the Future Holds for Lawyers" (Level 4)

Moderator: The Honourable Louise Mailhot (Former justice of the Court of Appeal of Quebec). Panelists: Me Étienne Dubreuil (Chairperson of the professionnal training committee for lawyers, Barreau du Québec), Me Robert Leckey (Dean, Faculty of Law, McGill University), Me Fred Headon (Lawyer and Assistant General Counsel, Labour and Employment Law, Air Canada), Mr. Simon Du Perron (Former President of the Association des étudiantes et étudiants en droit de l'Université de Montréal (AED)), Me Sabine Uwitonze (Lawyer and Vice-President of the Young Bar of Montreal).

5:00 PM

Closing Remarks - Eamonn Moran (English) and the Honourable Marie Deschamps (French) (Level 4)

5:30 PM

Conference Closing

6:30 PM

Aperitifs & Hors d’Oeuvres (Business attire) (Level 4)

Dress code: Business attire.

8:00 PM

Closing Gala Dinner (Business attire) (Level 4)

Do you already have tickets for Clarity's closing gala dinner ? If not, buy them now on the Tickets & Accomodations webpage ! In keeping with tradition, the 2018 Clarity Symposium will end on a festive note. To mark your Saturday night in Montreal, we have planned a unique evening! You will have the opportunity to discover the richness of our beautiful city through its culinary tastings, musical and artistic performances. Connect with colleagues old and new and have some fun. Join us! Dress code: Business attire.

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